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Welcome to the 1:1 Career Transition Coaching Program


This program is designed to support individuals like you in successfully navigating career transitions, whether you're seeking a new role, changing industries, or pursuing new opportunities. Our coaching sessions together will provide you with the guidance and strategies you need to build a compelling resume, execute effective job search strategies, excel in interviews, and master negotiation skills.


Here's what you can expect from the program:


Initial Career Transition Assessment (1 session - 90 minutes)

  • I'll start by conducting a thorough assessment of your career goals, aspirations, and the specifics of your transition.

  • Clarify your objectives for the coaching program.


Resume Building and Branding (3-4 sessions - 60 minutes each)

  • Craft a compelling resume and cover letter tailored to your target role or industry.

  • Develop a personal brand that aligns with your career objectives.


Effective Job Search Strategies (3-4 sessions - 60 minutes each)

  • Explore various job search methods, including online job boards, networking, and proactive outreach.

  • Identify target companies and industries that align with your career goals.


Interview Preparation and Confidence Building (2-3 sessions - 60 minutes each)

  • Prepare for interviews with mock interviews, behavioral question practice, and STAR technique training.

  • Boost your confidence and interview performance.


Negotiation Skills and Offer Evaluation (2-3 sessions - 60 minutes each)

  • Learn effective negotiation strategies to secure the best compensation package and benefits.

  • Evaluate job offers and make informed decisions.


Onboarding and Transition Success (2-3 sessions - 60 minutes each)

  • Develop an onboarding plan for your new role or industry.

  • Address any challenges or concerns related to the transition.

Program Benefits























Coaching Approach

Each session is personalized to address your specific career transition goals and challenges. I'll use a combination of coaching techniques, interview simulations, negotiation exercises, and resume-building tools. Expect a supportive and confidential coaching environment to explore and achieve your career transition objectives.


"What are the next steps Rachel?"

If you're ready to embark on a successful career transition journey, please reach out to schedule your initial assessment session by filling out the form below.


I look forward to helping you achieve your career aspirations and secure your dream role!




*Note: The program duration and specific topics can be adjusted based on individual client needs and goals.*


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Navigate career transitions with confidence and clarity.

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Create a compelling resume and personal brand that stand out to employers.

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Master job search strategies to access hidden opportunities.

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Excel in interviews and confidently negotiate job offers.

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Ensure a successful transition into your new role or industry.

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Gain emotional resilience and cope effectively with the challenges and uncertainties that come with career transitions.

Book your first coaching session with Rachel

Ready to enhance your career? Book your first coaching session now to start your journey to success

$299 per session (multiple session package discounts and payment plans apply after first session, please enquire)

Thanks for your message! We aim to respond to you within 2 business days.

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