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Welcome to the 1:1 Continuous Development Coaching Program


This program is designed to empower individuals like you to take charge of your professional growth, create and execute personalized development plans, and continuously enhance your skills and knowledge. Whether you're looking to advance in your current role, explore new career opportunities, or simply become the best version of yourself, our coaching sessions will be tailored to your specific development goals.


Here's what you can expect from the program:


Initial Development Assessment (1 session - 90 minutes)

  • I'll start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your current skills, knowledge, and career aspirations.

  • Clarify your objectives for the coaching program.


Setting Development Goals (3-4 sessions - 60 minutes each)

  • Define clear and actionable development goals that align with your career ambitions.

  • Prioritize your goals based on their importance and relevance.


Identifying Learning Opportunities (3-4 sessions - 60 minutes each)

  • Explore various learning opportunities, including courses, workshops, mentoring, and networking.

  • Identify resources and programs that can help you achieve your development goals.


Creating a Personalized Development Plan (2-3 sessions - 60 minutes each)

  • Develop a structured development plan that outlines your learning objectives, timelines, and action steps.

  • Ensure your plan is realistic and achievable.


Monitoring Progress (2-3 sessions - 60 minutes each)

  • Regularly review and assess your progress toward your development goals.

  • Adjust your plan as needed based on your experiences and feedback.


Reflection and Continuous Improvement (2-3 sessions - 60 minutes each)

  • Reflect on your development journey, including successes and challenges.

  • Explore strategies for continuous improvement and lifelong learning.

Program Benefits























Coaching Approach

Each session is customized to address your specific development goals and challenges. I'll use a combination of coaching techniques, self-assessments, and practical exercises to support your development. Expect a supportive and confidential coaching environment to explore and achieve your development objectives.


"What are the next steps Rachel?"

If you're ready to take control of your professional growth, create a personalized development plan, and achieve your career aspirations, please reach out to me to schedule your initial assessment session by filling out the form below.


I look forward to helping you on your continuous development journey!

*Note: The program duration and specific topics can be adjusted based on individual client needs and goals.*


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Create and execute a personalized professional development plan.

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Identify and seize valuable learning opportunities.

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Continuously enhance your skills and knowledge.

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Stay aligned with your career aspirations and professional growth.

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Develop a habit of lifelong learning and self-improvement.

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Develop the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and stay relevant in your industry through ongoing learning and skill development.

Book your first coaching session with Rachel

Ready to enhance your career? Book your first coaching session now to start your journey to success

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$299 per session (multiple session package discounts and payment plans apply after first session, please enquire)

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