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"I had the opportunity to work with Rachel and experience her leadership skills and professionalism. She has a great ability to motivate a team for improved performance and knows how to give feedback in a way that empowers the receiver."

Jenny V., UK

60% of new managers fail within their first two years. That's a staggering figure, but it also poses two serious questions:

What adequate support are you providing to your management teams as their employer? 

How are you investing in the career growth and tapping into the vast potential of your high-performers?

Investing in management skills training and making this a key priority before appointing a new manager or directly after a promotion, cascades multiple benefits, including:

  • Improved communication at all levels, leading to fewer misunderstandings and employee dissatisfaction

  • Higher EQ, meaning a positive company culture is the sure result

  • Strategy is turned into profitable business outcomes.

  • Organisational change is managed effectively, with empathy and a clear vision, and employees are motivated towards that vision with less resistance

  • A growth mindset and a culture of continuous improvement are fostered

  • Greater confidence at work

As a corporate coach, I've had the privilege of mentoring and coaching numerous managers throughout my career. From recruitment to tech, non-profits to education, and even hospitality. I've seen first-hand the transformative power of effective leadership. Seven of my own employees were promoted and progressed to other roles internally as a result of my coaching leadership approach.

Imagine the incredible possibilities that await your organization when you fully leverage your existing talent. If you're ready to witness transformational results and take your business to new heights, let's join forces.


There are two ways I can help you:

1:1 Management Coaching for Managers

Bespoke Training Workshops for Managers

In these sessions and workshops carried out virtually or in-person at your request, I will take new managers and those showcasing leadership potential in your organization, through a structured coaching and training programme that will cover areas such as:

  • Mastering difficult situations including providing feedback and accountability for team members

  • Mastering the art of communicating clear expectations and diplomacy with external stakeholders

  • Establishing an executive presence, critical thinking, and confident decision-making skills

  • Navigating the internal team politics of being a new manager when promoted from within

  • Developing one's own management style

  • The science of managing up

I also deliver a Career Development Coaching Program for Apprentices and Interns. 

This training can be customized to your specific cohort's needs, and is focused on developing career readiness and soft skills such as:

  • Problem-solving

  • Career planning

  • Personal branding

  • Interview skills

  • Work and corporate culture readiness

  • Communication and confident presentation

  • Resume writing and LinkedIn profile building

  • and more!


Click here find out more and get a bespoke quote for my career development programs and coaching packages.

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