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How Career Coaching Took Alvana From Hospitality To Television

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Allow me to introduce you to Alvana (though that's not his real name). Three months into his job search, Alvana embarked on a transformative journey when he signed up for my career coaching program. With a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, Alvana had held positions as a restaurant manager and a hotel manager. But when the pandemic struck, hospitality, as you know, was among the hardest-hit industries, and Alvana found himself without a job.

As we delved into the program, one of the first questions I posed to him was, "What is your passion? What is your dream? What was that childhood aspiration you left behind because life took a different turn?"

What is your passion? What is your dream? What was that childhood aspiration you left behind because life took a different turn?

In a matter of seconds, Alvana's face lit up with an undeniable spark, and he passionately revealed, "I've always dreamt of working for one of the major TV networks, but I set that dream aside to pursue a career in hospitality. I don't want to go back to that anymore!"

So I issued a challenge: "Pursue your dream, Alvana." And together, we set out to make it a reality, exploring opportunities within the media industry.

Alvana possessed an unquenchable thirst for his dream, and he didn't stop at merely submitting an online job application. No, he hopped on his bike and pedaled his way to the headquarters of a major television network. Alvana had transformed into a game changer overnight. But life often has its own plans. When he arrived at the network, the person he needed to speak to wasn't available, and to make matters worse, he learned that the role he coveted was already filled.

Being a game changer doesn't grant immunity from disappointment. It doesn't shield you from rejection, and it certainly doesn't guarantee that every door you knock on will swing open wide. What truly distinguishes a game changer is their Mindset, Attitude, and Perspective—what I like to call the MAP. Remember this: A Game Changer Follows A Different MAP.

Was Alvana disappointed? Absolutely. But did he allow these setbacks to dictate the course of his journey? NO!

In our subsequent coaching sessions, we persisted. I shared game-changing techniques with Alvana, and within just two months, before he even completed the Career Coaching Program, he secured his very first role within a major TV network!

Alvana's story is a testament to the power of unwavering determination and a mindset primed for success. It's a reminder that setbacks and closed doors are not the end of the journey but stepping stones toward your dreams. Alvana chose to follow a different map, and so can you. Your transformation awaits, and the path to your dreams is closer than you think. Are you ready to become a game changer in your own life?


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