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How I Got Promoted in Just 4 Months

Rachel Wells, founder of Rachel Wells Coaching and entrepreneur

Greetings and welcome, dear readers, to another edition of The Tuesday Leader!

I am Safiyyah Abinet, RWC's Marketing Director. In today's special installment, I'm delighted to pass the reins over to our remarkable Founder and CEO, Rachel Wells. Prepare to be inspired as she shares her personal journey, offering invaluable insights into her rapid ascent to leadership within a mere four months:

February 24, 2021, marked a turning point in my career when my senior manager called with unexpected news. Despite his supposed vacation time, he dialed me up and said, "Rachel, I just wanted to say congratulations, you've been promoted to senior coach, and you start Monday!" The shock and excitement were overwhelming, and the question on everyone's lips was, "How did I just get promoted within a mere four months of working here?"

Let's rewind to November 2020, the month I embarked on my professional journey with boundless determination. I was intentional and driven from day one, aiming to leave my mark. Throughout my induction training, one mantra echoed in my mind: Think and act like a Game-Changer. At Rachel Wells Coaching, we define a Game-Changer as someone who follows a different M.A.P: Mindset, Attitude, Perspective.

Think and act like a Game-Changer

Strategic Networking

Right from the beginning, I made a conscious effort to place networking at the forefront of my professional endeavors. This involved forging meaningful connections with colleagues across diverse organizational hierarchies. The deliberate act of cultivating a broad and extensive professional network turned out to be a game-changer, revealing opportunities and pathways that had previously eluded my awareness. In these relationships formed, doors to unforeseen possibilities swung wide open.

Unified Knowledge Exchange

I made myself approachable, readily answering queries from not only my team but also other departments. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing became my strengths. My commitment extended beyond just my team, as I made it a point to be open to queries from colleagues across various departments. This commitment to approachability became a cornerstone of my professional identity. The willingness to share insights and knowledge transcended departmental boundaries, transforming collaboration and knowledge-sharing into hallmarks of my work style.

Get Promoted Through Proactive Performance

You know, making sure I was on top of my game was key for me. Every time I interacted with a client, I'd ask myself, "How can I make this moment count for both the client and my own career?" It was all about turning those interactions into something more. Not just ticking off tasks, but figuring out how to go above and beyond. This mindset wasn't just about meeting expectations; it was about surpassing them and making a positive mark in both the client's world and my own career journey. So, yeah, it became a bit of a mantra for me—turning everyday tasks into opportunities that paved the way for bigger things.

Consistent Excellence

Surpassing targets wasn't just a checkbox on my to-do list. I saw it as more than a personal achievement, about creating a ripple effect. I genuinely believed that by holding myself to lofty standards, I could spark a contagious motivation in others. When we challenge ourselves, we don't just meet expectations; we shatter them. And that, dear subscriber, is where miracles take place. holding myself to lofty standards, I could spark a contagious motivation in others

Learning as a Lifestyle

I turned my downtime into something awesome! I jumped into these cool leadership training mini-courses the organization had. Learning became my daily buddy, fitting right into my routine. I was giving myself a daily dose of growth and skill-boosting goodness. Every moment turned into a chance to become an even better version of me!

Transparency and Aspirations

Right from the get-go, I laid it all out with my manager—I wanted that management role, no beating around the bush. This was a power move. I made sure my goals synced up with what the company was aiming for. I was staking my claim, saying, "This is where I'm headed, and I'm all in." This was a bold statement of intent, a clear signal that I wasn't just talking the talk; I was walking the walk towards my career goals, hand in hand with the company's big picture.

Solution-Driven Approach

Perhaps the most crucial lesson I learned from my mother was to identify pain points within the organization and devise solutions. I recognized an issue, formulated a solution, and presented it to my manager. In just two weeks, this initiative earned me the life-changing call from my senior manager.

Take Charge of Your Career Path

It's common for individuals to place the onus solely on employers when they miss out on a promotion. However, I firmly believe that to succeed, you must proactively own your career path. Consistently provide value, embrace a Game-Changer mindset, and the opportunity for advancement will come knocking at your door. Be that person who consistently brings value to the table, and trust me, the chance to move up will find its way to you. Be the architect of your success, not just a spectator in the game. So, lace up those boots and start paving your own way!

Getting promoted quickly isn't just a matter of chance. It's about taking control of your destiny, working hard, and making strategic choices that align with your career goals. My journey from newcomer to senior coach in four months happened as a result of an intentional, and determined approach to career success.

Remember, you have the ability to shape your own professional future, so start today!

Best regards,

Rachel Wells

Founder & CEO of RWC

__________________________________________________________________________________ As a corporate coach, RWC's Founder and CEO, Rachel Wells, has had the privilege of mentoring and coaching numerous managers throughout her career. From recruitment to tech, non-profits to education, and even hospitality. she has seen first-hand the transformative power of effective leadership. Seven of her own employees were promoted and progressed to other roles internally as a result of her coaching leadership approach. Imagine the incredible possibilities that await your organization when you fully leverage your existing talent. If you're ready to witness transformational results and take your business to new heights, join forces with Rachel. There are are a few ways that she can help you: Leadership Coaching Strengths-Based Coaching Team Leadership Coaching Goal Achievement Coaching Time Management Coaching Continuous Development Coaching



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