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How To Build A Strong Personal Brand In 3 Steps

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Guest written by RWC's Marketing Director, Safiyyah Abinet

When the buzzword 'personal branding' is thrown around the internet, what immediately comes to your mind? It's just about having a fancy logo, right? Isn't it all about getting a massive number of followers on social media, regardless of content? How about putting 'guru' or 'ninja' in your job title on LinkedIn? Personal branding right? right?.... WRONG.

Though carving a unique public identity involves aspects of the above, getting your message across to the masses about what you do and how you can add value to people's lives, has more to do with who you are.

Are you building trust and meaningful connections with your audience or clients? Are you creating an exceptional customer experience, making every interaction memorable? Do your values resonate with that of the audience you are claiming to serve?

Personal branding is about authenticity coupled with expertise, and making a genuine connection with your audience.

People aren't paying for your service; they're paying for YOU. This world is filled with offerings similar to yours, the distinctive features of your product may catch someone's eye. However, let's be real—there's likely another player in the market with a similar offering. Your value isn't just in the service or product you provide; it's in the unique experience that clients get when choosing you. Now, if I can find a comparable service elsewhere, what's the deciding factor? It's the unparalleled experience that sets your company apart. It's the seamless process, the personalized touch, the values you hold that I feel as your customer, and the way you go the extra mile that makes me choose you over the competition.

So how do I build this authentic strong personal brand?

Distinctive Personal Branding Identity

What's your story, and what's the message that you want to pull out of that story that someone else will need? How can you package that solution in such a way that it can be easily accessible to your audience?

So follow me: You need a story, not anybody's story, not a fictional story, but YOUR story, which is the driving force behind why you offer what you do. Once your narrative is in place, identify a profound message within it, a truth capable of revolutionizing lives and work on a grand scale. This is a message that will result in enhanced leadership, healthier bodies, refined speaking skills, flourishing businesses, amplified wealth, and high-performing teams. You've got to see the vision of the impact your message should carry.

So once you've found your story, crafted that message, you want to find a way to package that message into a product or service that is easy accessible to the masses. Now, the magic lies in packaging this message into something accessible to the masses. Whether it's through coaching services (like what we offer here at RWC), events, digital courses, ebooks, or even tangible products like food or hair items – every offering should trace back to the core, YOUR unique story.

Be so unmistakably YOU that people can't help but take notice. This is your license to shout, "This is me!" Craft a unique identity infused with your values, style, and that special touch only you possess.

People aren't paying for your service; they're paying for YOU.

Trust, Values & Connection

Trust is the rock-solid foundation of a strong personal brand. Your audience just wants you to be real. When your brand reflects the true you, people can sense it, and that authenticity is what forms genuine connections. But you've got to be consistently embodying those values you stand for in how you communicate, and the service you deliver. No one trusts a flip-flopper.

And of course, shared values matter. If your personal brand aligns with what your audience believes in, you're in. People want to do business with those who share their principles. To best illustrate my point, check out these ads for example:

Product: Home Sauna Kits

Audience: Residents of Equatorial Regions with Warm Climates

Ad :

"Transform your home into a personal oasis with our sauna kits. Embrace the relaxation of a spa day, even if you're surrounded by tropical temperatures. Because comfort knows no temperature boundaries."

Product: High-End Espresso Machine

Audience: Non-Coffee Drinkers


"Elevate your kitchen with our state-of-the-art espresso machine. Craft the perfect cup of coffee, even if you're not a coffee enthusiast. Because exceptional taste knows no boundaries."

And I am going to be vulnerable here and share an example which is very close to home, something very similar to what we here at RWC have been guilty of in our personal branding journey (oh the beauty of making mistakes, is the lessons that you learn along the way to give you a stronger brand!):

Advertising an expensive product or service to an audience facing financial challenges requires a delicate approach that focuses on value, aspiration, and potential benefits.

Product/Service: Exclusive Professional Development Courses (Expensive)

Audience: Individuals with Limited Financial Resources


"Unlock your potential with our exclusive professional development courses."

Just as a picture paints a thousand words, I think by now the above examples have! Don't waste your time, energy, and money trying to build a product or service targeted to an audience that does not share your values! And when you do hit that sweet spot of securing your niche, go all out to super serve your niche! Deliver, redeliver, over and above what you promise. If you consistently deliver and go above expectations, you'll earn credibility.

Niche Mastery

The more specific you are about your niche, the better. Vaguely defining your territory will not work here. You want your niche to be as unique as a rare gem. Something so specific that when people hear about it, they're not thinking, "Oh, like that other thing?" No, they're thinking about you, and only you. Being unforgettable is the name of the game. You don't want your brand to be the "almost" version of someone else's. You want to be the one and only. The go-to. The unmistakable choice.

If your brand isn't leaving people thinking, "This is the exact thing I've been looking for," you're missing the mark. The competition is fierce out there, and the ones who stand out are the ones who own.

...the ones who stand out are the ones who own.

Don't be in the business of being a generic version of something else; there's no room for mix-ups. Get niche-specific. Dive deep. Be the brand people remember because there's nothing else quite like it. That's the secret to exclusivity, rarity, and being in-demand. Stop trying to be everything to everyone. It's not about being for everyone; it's about being exactly what someone is searching for when they didn't even know they were searching. That's the power of a truly nailed-down niche. Own it, and make sure everyone knows it's yours and yours alone.

Brand management is an extensive field with a wealth of strategies, making a comprehensive exploration impractical for this blog. That's where Rachel's 1:1 Personal Branding service comes into play. Beyond the insights shared here, she offers personalized guidance tailored to your unique brand identity and goals. Click the link for an overview of the Program.


As a corporate coach, RWC's Founder and CEO, Rachel Wells, has had the privilege of mentoring and coaching numerous managers throughout her career. From recruitment to tech, non-profits to education, and even hospitality. she has seen first-hand the transformative power of effective leadership. Seven of her own employees were promoted and progressed to other roles internally as a result of her coaching leadership approach. Imagine the incredible possibilities that await your organization when you fully leverage your existing talent. If you're ready to witness transformational results and take your business to new heights, join forces with Rachel. There are are a few ways that she can help you:



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