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Rachel Wells Coaching Cancellation and Refund Policy


In both one to one and group coaching – your Coach will do everything possible in line with our processes to enable you to achieve results and desired outcomes.

However, nothing is implied by the Coach that positive results are 100% guaranteed. Ultimately, you are responsible for the cause of all desired change in your business, job, career, and life.
The Coach will work with you to identify barriers and solutions and offer suggestions, options and advice based on professional and personal experience and training.

You accept full responsibility for all decisions and courses of action taken during your coaching period.
You as Client, by enrolling into a programme, webinar, or 1-2-1 coaching, agree to this Coaching Agreement.

For all document output services including but not limited to Resumes, Cover Letters, Personal Statements, and Job Applications, the Coach will work with you to identify your needs and make every possible effort within their expertise to create the finished product.

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the finished product, we will work closely with you in a follow-up consultation over the phone/virtual meeting to ensure that our service is brought up to the level you desire.


The Coach promises to abide by GDPR and data protection regulations and will not share personal information that is shared in the group coaching or 1-2-1 sessions without prior consent.

You are free to discuss your personal coaching relationship with anyone at any time, however, what is shared by other participants in group coaching programmes must stay within the group and not be shared with others.


All Coaching Sessions are scheduled in advance by the Coach.
If for any reason you cannot attend a scheduled group Coaching Session or webinar, you do not need to worry, as these sessions are recorded (unless there is a technical failure).

For 1-2-1 sessions, however, you are fully responsible for giving your Coach at least 24 hrs advance notice, otherwise, you will end up taking up other clients’ time unnecessarily.

Payment terms:

By making the first payment for a group coaching programme, you are agreeing to the full schedule as explained on your payment plan which may vary in the length of the term.

If there is no payment plan and there is only a one-time fee for the coaching programme or webinar advertised, then you do not need to worry about making future payments.

Eligibility to cancel the agreement and payments is limited to a 24-hour cool-off period, after which you will not be entitled to, or able to, request a refund, as you are reserving a seat.

This refund is only available if services have not commenced, or documents have not been downloaded.

For 1-2-1 sessions or services, refunds cannot be issued as they are highly customised to you and cannot be resold.

Notice of cancellation:

All notices of cancellation must be in writing and delivered by email to

Cancellation notice will be deemed on the date in which the cancellation is received.

Cancellation does not mean you will receive a refund for any 1-2-1 sessions you opt for as a package since these sessions have been planned and tailored for you in advance.

Please Note: No refunds are available for no-shows.

Programme changes:
The Coach reserves the right to change, modify or cancel any programmes as considered necessary. Any such change will be made with prior notice.

Intellectual Property:

All material relating to the Programme is subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights. All materials may not be recorded, used or reproduced without the express written permission of the owner.

You understand that all action taken is performed voluntarily and is your own responsibility.
By entering into a Coaching Agreement through continuing and making a payment to Rachel Wells Coaching you agree to abide by the terms and conditions as set out above.

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