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Working in the Office

Unlocking leadership potential...

For Career-Driven Professionals

Need a personal branding makeover for your management resume, interviewing skills, or LinkedIn profile?

Looking to take your leadership skills to the next level?

Want a career progression roadmap and expert advice?

For People-Focused Employers

Your people are your business. Seeking to upskill your millennial and GenZ workforce?

Want to develop your apprentices, promising interns, and top-performers into leaders?

Have newly-appointed or aspiring managers?

We've Worked With the Best Clients and Partners

I have found Rachel to be knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. She really listens to your goals and to any concerns you may have. Rachel not only gets to know you as a client, but also as a person. I can honestly say that I feel supported and like I have someone cheering me on as I work on reaching my professional goals.I definitely recommend Rachel’s career coaching services.
Michelle Evans, USA

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